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Office RPF

He was the home run king of Little League, did he tell you that?

Office Real Person Fanfiction
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This community is for the posting of Office RPF (real person fic), that is, fanfiction about the real people who make the show The Office. I know it's lame-ass, but since the actors for this show spend all day on the internet and I feel weird about it, this is a locked community (meaning only members can see the posts). Please don't bring this community to the attention of the actors/writers/etc - let's be no more creepy than necessary.

All ratings are welcome, as are gen, slash, and het. No off-topic posts or pimping of other communities without the permission of the mod - all posts here should be fic or links to fic. If you're posting fic, please put it under a cut tag.

Suggested format for posting:

Word Count:
Author's Notes:

Any questions can be directed to the mod, annakovsky, at annakovsky AT livejournal dot com.

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We are also now pleased to affiliate with nbc_rpf for RPF that spans all NBC shows!